Inspections During the Coronavirus

During the current outbreak, Status Inspection & Design is performing home inspections. However, we are taking precautions to protect the Inspector, our Clients, Vendors, Tenants, Occupants, Realtors, etc. and doing our part to fight the spread of COVID-19 / Coronavirus. As per our policy of the past 31 years, we will continue to protect our Clients by concentrating on and performing only one inspection per day. During the outbreak, we will be scheduling inspections at least 24 hrs apart.

Inspection Restrictions

Non-essential people shall NOT be present during any portion of inspections.
The Realtor, Owner or occupant shall only attend to unlock the door(s) but shall not remain in the property during the inspection. Vendors, tenants, occupants, etc. shall not be present during the inspection. If the Inspector enters the property and non-essential people are present, the inspection will not be performed.
Dogs should either be in kennels, removed from the property or otherwise confined so as not to impede the Inspector's access to the interior or the exterior of the property. We apologize for any inconvenience, but everyone must to do their part to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and to stay safe.
If the Buyer has an Appraiser or Contractor scheduled to look at the property, those persons shall NOT enter or be inside the property at the same time as the Inspector.

Inspector Precautions

The Inspector will sanitize his hands prior to beginning the inspection and wipe entry doorknobs inside and out and all handles, faucets, controls, switches, levers, etc. he operates, including surfaces touched by hand. During the inspection, the Inspector will either wash or sanitize hands several times or wear new disposable gloves. The Inspector will leave exterior foot-ware outdoors and wear sanitized footwear / slippers during the interior inspection, except in roof-spaces. The Inspector will cancel the inspection if he feels sick or if he has any symptoms of respiratory illness.

On-site Meetings

There will be no on-site meetings to discuss inspections.
We normally do not meet on site in any case, as the 125 to 250 photographs taken during an inspection and typically presented on a laptop before going through the report summary, show so much more than can be shown on site.

Presentation of Reports and Photos

Inspection Photos
Clients will be sent links to view the Inspection photographs uploaded to Shutterfly and Dropbox on the evening of the inspection.

Report Summary
As usual, it is our intention to forward the computer- generated inspection report summary in PDF format via email to the Client on the evening of the inspection but no later than the following morning. The entire report and DVD of Inspection Photos will be delivered to Fredericton addresses or obtainable on the day after the inspection. Otherwise the report package will be forwarded via regular mail (at no cost to the Client) or via expedited mail delivery (Fedex, Purolator, etc) for a fee of $30.00.

Inspection Review
The photographs and report summary can be discussed over the phone or via email, as typically done for our out-of-town Clients before the current outbreak.

Vendors Responsibility and Obligation

The Vendor shall:
request re-scheduling of the inspection if anyone in the property (home, apartment, condo unit, etc.):
make arrangements for everyone to be out of the property for the full duration of the inspection

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