Status Inspection & Design ®
     Member of the NBSCETT (New Brunswick Society Of Certified Engineering Technicians And Technologists)
     One of the original members of the IHINA  (Independent Home Inspectors of North America)
     Area Code 506  Phone 461-0549   Email

      Status Inspection & Design ® was established in the spring of 1989 and is a locally-owned
        and operated New Brunswick Company providing:

The Company & Inspector The Inspection The Report
  1. STATUS was established in 1989 and has completed
    over 3600 inspections
  2. The inspector is a Certified
    Engineering Technologist
    with over 32 years experience
    in design, construction &
    inspection field, 25 years
    experience with National
    Building Code and
    5 years Specification Writing.
  3. The inspector also carries
    Errors & Omissions Insurance
    and has an R2000 Certificate
    and a Phase One Ennvironmental
    Inspection Certificate

  1. Inspections exceeds ASHI &
    CAHPI Standards
  2. On-site inspection duration is
    typically 5 1/2 hour
  3. Inspections includes:
    foundation, frame, siding, windows, doors, roof,
    electrical, plumbing, heating,
    insulation, ventilation,
    chimneys, fireplaces, stoves,
    general interior & general
  4. Inspections include a check for
    conformance to applicable
    codes, a fire safety check
    and a check of Arc Fault
    and Ground Faultprotection
  5. Digital photographs are taken
    during the inspection

      Reports are fully illustrated and
      are provided on day of inspection
      All comments are printed, i.e.
      reports are not check box type.
      Comments include:
  1. type of materials & components
  2. condition of materials & components
  3. where key components are located
  4. ways of reducing maintenance & operating costs
  5. repairs (major & minor)
  6. fire & other safety concerns

       1.  A foundation and a roof reference plan are included.
         2.  The report summary is computer-generated and two extra copies of the summary are provided.
         3.  A CD of the inspection photographs is reviewed, on a laptop, at the beginning of the presentation,
              then given to the Buyer.